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MDV Domestic & Commercial Air Conditioners

MDV is a professional brand for air-conditioning appliances, belonging to the Midea Group. MDV is focused mainly on the Air Conditioning professionals-consultants, engineers, installers. Our product range includes different types and classes of air-conditioning...

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Our New Website

We are very happy to announce that our new website is now live! We have worked diligently for the last couple of months to put together all the necessary information our customers need in order to assist them in their business dealings with us. We have also...

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2019 Midea CAC MDV Elite Camp

Teklima was invited by our partner Midea to the annual MDV Elite Camp to take place in March, at Ramada Hotel in Shunde, Foshan, China. The MDV Elite Camp is a program for all Midea partners, clients, consultants, designers, developers, project supervisors and any...

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48-Hour Response

Teklima announces 48-hour response to your premises! In order to provide a premium service to our customers, we're offering a fast turn-around on any support request that comes our way. Within 48 hours of logging a phone call with us, a Teklima Support Engineer will...

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